Automationet has been a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation consulting and development services for 13 years. We deliver meaningful value to our clients by automating and building intelligence into data-driven business processes. Our in-depth understanding of the Robotic Process Automation field and its key technologies enables us to stay at the cutting edge of our field.

Machine Learning

We have been developing complex Machine Learning Models for many years and have extensive experience in the field.

RPA Solutions

We have many years of experience in complex and challenging RPA Projects.

RPA Consulting

We have extensive experience providing Consulting Services for a range of clients from Small Medium Businesses to Enterprise Organizations. from RPA tool selection, to development and quality assurance best practices and return on investment calculations.

RPA Training

We are able to train your team to reach a high level of proficiency and enable them to reach your goals.

Test Automation

We have performed many Test Automation projects using Selenium and Jenkins following the CI/CD workflow.

We aim at increasnig optimization and efficiency of business processes and enable our clients overcome complex challenges and save costs by advanced knowledge and tools.

  • Build Intelligence into Data-Driven Business Processes
  • Enable timely data-driven decision-making
  • Help choose the right RPA Solution for your needs
  • Provide in-depth qualitative and actionable data based insights, for more informed decisions
  • Improve marketing and increase Sales
  • Enhance organizations’ analysis and reporting capabilities


Rotem Blumberg


A Data Scientist and a Software Developer expert in numerous technologies, with a concentration in Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning with Natural Language Processing Specialization. Successfully completed numerous complex projects for enterprise clients. Has an in-depth understanding of the software world, a short learning curve, expert in leveraging advanced technology tools and methods to achieve business goals.

What people say about our CEO and services:

Pushpita (Basak) Sengupta

Business Architect, Trustpilot

It was a pleasure working with Rotem. He is very professional, ethical and systematic in his approach. He thoroughly understood the business needs and planned a comprehensive solution to meet them. He overcame complex technical challenge within the stipulated timeframe which contributed to the success of the project.

Bing Chen

Senior Software Engineer — Baidu Inc

Rotem is a very professional Automation specialist, He is able to overcome complex technological challenges and has very good analytical and communication skills. I am working with Rotem for a few years now and can say his deep understanding of the Digital Automation field and its underlying technology makes his work meet the highest standards.

Peter Holten Muhlmann

Founder, Trustpilot

Rotem helped Trustpilot with all kinds of automation projects. Rotem is a fantastic resource to work with for a number of reasons. 1) Rotem is thinking independently. He can follow a spec and give you what you need, but he will also highlight if there are things you maybe have not thought through or are unclear. So, you get what you want and really need. He has helped the company throughout, and we have worked together on a number of projects where I was also involved personally. 2) Rotem is very flexible, always reachable, you can ping him at almost whatever time and he is ready to go. 3) Rotem is really strong technically and is always willing to push the boundary for what is possible, at the same time he also has an easy time not overcomplicating things and avoiding scope creep. Good mix! All in all, a very hearty recommendation from my end for anyone who is seeking his assistance.


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